Sl. No. Department Intake Duration
1 Civil Engineering 60 3 years
2 Mechanical Engineering 60 3 years
3 Electrical Engineering 60 3 years

Duration of the Course:

All full-time Diploma courses are of three years duration. Each full-time Diploma course consists of three parts, viz. Part-I, Part-II and Part-III. Each part of a full-time Diploma Course consists of two Semesters viz. the First semester and Second Semester, each semester being of at least 16 weeks duration. Each week consists of 33 periods with 6 periods per day from Monday to Friday and 3 periods per day on Saturday. The number of instructional contact periods and periods for Library & Guided Studies are mentioned in the respective curricular structure. Each period is of 1 hour duration.

Medium of Instruction:

Bengali & English are the medium of instruction. Although English is preferable language in technical education, but students allowed to write their answer scripts in all the examination of the WBSCT&VE&SD in Bengali Language in an optional basis while retaining English terminologies, Equations and Roman and Greek symbols as per international practice.

Evaluation of Performance:

Performance of a student is evaluated in three ways:
(a) Continuous Internal Assessments through internal theory, sessional examinations &   Class Attendance
(b) End Semester Examination (Written)
(c) External Sessional examination.

The performance of a student in a theoretical subject shall be evaluated in the following proportion:-
Continuous Internal Assessment – 20%
Semester Examination – 70%
Class Attendance – 10%

The performance of a student in a sessional paper (Workshop / Laboratory / Practical / Project) is evaluated in the following proportion:

Continuous Internal Assessment -50%
External Assessment – 50%

Result and Mark sheet:

After successful completion of the semester examination, the WBSCT&VE&SD publish results and merit list for each semester. Each successful student gets a mark-sheet indicating his/her performance in regard of credit points. A students is given gradation according to his/her credit in each subject. Overall grading is indicated by SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average), and at the end of the year (i.e. 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester) student is given a CGPA(Course Grade Point Average) which indicate overall performance of that student throughout the year.