Apart from academic facilities such as library, laboratories, workshops, computer center, the campus has the following facilities for leisure, convenience and utility.

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  • Computing facilities for all students.
  • Well equipped engineering Workshops and Laboratories.
  • The Institute has a fully decorated and equipped Seminar Hall to conduct  seminar, workshops, etc. with the capacity of 50 people.
  • Sports facilities such as badminton and volleyball.
  • Cafeteria for the students as well as the visitors.
  • Parking area for bikes and 4-wheelers for students and visitors.
  • Barrier free environment for senior citizen/specially abled persons.The facilities include ramps,lift & toilets .
  • Drinking Water from bore well and uv filtration facilities to cater the needs of the campus.


The Institute maintains highest standard of discipline. Students are not allowed to loiter or indulge in noisy or disorderly conduct inside the Institute campus. Smoking or taking intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited inside the campus.

Ragging is strictly prohibited here. Any incidence of ragging is should be brought to the notice of the authorities immediately. Any kind of sexual harassment to the girls are handled as per VISHAKHA Guidelines  set up by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in order to protect girl students and working woman against sexual harassment in the place of work. Any violation of the Institute discipline will lead to punishment and in extreme cases expulsion of students from the Institute.