Hostel & Facilities

Main Departments:






Head of the Department

(As on date)

1 Civil Engineering 60

Sri Anirban Chakraborty

2 Mechanical Engineering 60

Sri Chinmoy Saha


3 Electrical Engineering 60

Sri Koushik Chakraborty


Supporting Departments:




Head of the Department

(As on Date)

1 Science & Humanities Department
Sri Sanjay De


Sl. No. Workshop Department
1 Carpentry Workshop Mechanical Engg.
2 Pattern Workshop Mechanical Engg.
3 Fitting Workshop Mechanical Engg.
4 Foundry Workshop Mechanical Engg.
5 Welding Workshop Mechanical Engg.
6 Machine Workshop Mechanical Engg.
7 Electrical Workshop Electrical Engg.


Sl. No. Laboratory Department
1 Fluid Mechanics Lab Mechanical Engg.
2 Engineering Mechanics Lab Mechanical Engg.
3 Metrology Lab Mechanical Engg.
4 Thermal Engineering Lab Mechanical Engg.
5 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab Mechanical Engg.
6 Automobile Lab Mechanical Engg.
7 Physics Lab Science & Humanities
8 Chemistry Lab Science & Humanities
9 Computer Lab – I (CAD/Designing Lab) CE/ME/EE Depts
10 Computer Lab – II Computer Science
11 Basic Electrical Lab Electrical Engg.
20 Civil Engineering Lab Civil Engg.
21 Survey Lab Civil Engg.
22 Geo-technical Lab Civil Engg.

Major Equipments in Civil Lab:

Sl. No. Equipment
1 BOD Incubator
2 Compression Testing Machine
3 Digital Theodolite
4 Universal Testing Machine
5 Triaxial Testing Machine
6 Direct Shear Test Apparatus

Major Equipments in Electrical Lab:

Sl. No. Equipment
1 Photo Conductive Cell Trainer Kit
2 Set up DC Traction Motors
3 Three Point and Point Starter
4 Single Phase Full Controller Converter
5 CRO Demonstrator

Major Equipments in Mechanical Lab:

Sl. No. Equipment
1 Torsional Testing Machine
2 Shaping Machine
3 Hydraulics Power Saw
4 Pillar Drill Machine
5 Circular Saw

Major Equipments in Science Lab:

Sl. No. Equipment
1 Digital PH Meter
2 Digital D.O. Meter
3 Double Stage Distillation Apparatus
4 Boyle’s Law Apparatus
5 Travelling Microscope